Marcelo de Faria Bastos

‘Anthony was very effective by choosing the term “epic life” as a name of his meeting group. He has brought us up to this heroic journey to understand ourselves and build an enjoyable life during this process.
Week by week, I have been learning how to organise my thoughts and listen to my feelings. How to put aside incongruent points of view and ‘intellectual stuff’ as to clean the path to absolute creation of what I want, unleashing my own power.  
His individual appointments are very helpful to focus and bring clarity over thinking patterns and to understand feelings as to connect us to our life purpose and aspirations.  
In the endeavour of self-development, it is all about ourselves to meet and drive understanding of what we really are. Anthony adds up by being a catalyser and sharing the experience of someone who has been and still is on the learning path.
It has been a pleasure to be part of the group and meet Anthony’.  
Kind regards,
Marcelo de Faria Bastos
Skype: marcelobastos_adm
Phone: +353 085 1012 498

Agne Vabamae

“I am truly grateful Anthony for the profound session I had with you. The session helped me to integrate certain aspects of myself, I wasn’t aware of, and resulted in a huge realization. You supported me in translating the new awareness into practical daily steps. You combined your intuition, psychic skills and energy awareness with coaching techniques that brought my experience to a whole new level I ever experienced. Your Integrity, non-judgement, professionalism, a great sense of limitlessness that radiates from you worked really well for me. Thanks for the profound realization I feel that a major shift has happened in my life, that allows me to advance, in my goals, with greater ease. Brilliant work, Anthony!”

Julie Meehan

I really felt a strong inward invitation, when I sat with Anthony, for a card reading, to open up to all possibilities, and to deeply listen. Anthony’s energy, Presence, and his true desire, to point back to you, the potential within and what you really are, really opened up something within me, that has felt dormant for some time.

In the days and weeks following, I could feel a great flow of both creativity, and receptivity and a stronger, more unshakable sense of confidence in trusting mySelf.  A much greater allowance for Yes!

Thank You Anthony 🙂

(i’m over the moon at this) Anthony 🙂 Thanks Julie.

A spiritual reading, for David.

Miller is not your typical reader. To say that I was impressed by the impromptu reading he gave me would be a big understatement.

The reading was very intuitive and delivered in Millers unique style, which made it not only very helpful but a tonne of fun too.

He was able to pick up on shifts in my energy body during the reading and would hone in on certain things as a result. We stayed on particular areas of the reading until another shift let us know that I had reached the understanding desired.

Through the reading I was able to access deeper layers of awareness around my role and purpose, and found new energy to drive me forward. I created a piece of work afterwards based on what we had discussed in the reading, which freed me from self limitations and is still opening up new opportunities for me.

I thoroughly enjoyed the reading with Miller and received a lot of benefit from it. I would recommend him to anyone interested in energy work and self development.